Behind The Mask
June 14, 2011

Michael Jackson’s version of “Behind The Mask” was produced for Thriller – the best-selling album of all time worldwide – but was not released until 2010. Michael added lyrics and a melody line for his cover of the song, which was originally written and recorded by Japan-based electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Michael’s “Behind The Mask” was initially released on the album Michael, and then issued as a single in February 2011. With the release of the single, Michael’s global fan base was invited to play roles in “The Behind The Mask Project,” a crowdsourced short film. But an additional short film also was produced, directed by Aggressive.

The alternate short film for “Behind The Mask” shows dancers and fans wearing masks in a nightclub, dancing to Michael’s music. Their masks and costumes recall scenes from some of Michael’s iconic concert performances and short films, including “Billie Jean,” “Black or White,” “Ghosts,” “Scream,” “Speed Demon,” “Thriller,” “You Rock My World,” and others. As the masked dancers celebrate and listen to Michael’s music, one of the guests, unmasked, notices a court jester walking among the people. The jester removes his mask, revealing his face to the guest, but he is not shown to the viewer.