Artist Lorraine O’ Grady Reflects On MJ’s Craft
July 05, 2018
Artist Lorraine O’ Grady Reflects On MJ’s Craft

“What’s most striking about Charles (French poet Charles Baudelaire 1821–67) and Michael as artists is the similarity of their attitudes…It was there in the relentless perfectionism that limited their output, in the fanatical domination of their craft and its history, in the worship of their instrument…Charles was both the first of the modernists and the last of the romantics. And Michael may have been the last of the modernists, but he was also the first of the postmodernists.” – Lorraine O’Grady

The National Portrait Gallery in London currently has an exhibit featuring contemporary works by Lorraine and over 40 other artists from around the world and from all different generations that was inspired by Michael.

Who is planning to visit?

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