Blood On The Dance Floor / HIStory In The Mix
Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor / HIStory In The Mix

Album Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, California

Music Production Supervisor: Matt Forger

Production Coordinator: Michelle Bligh

Remix A&R Coordination: Frank Ceraolo & Judy Ross

Janet Jackson appears courtesy of Virgin Records
Slash appears courtesy of Geffen Records
Andrae Couch appears courtesy of Qwest Records
Teddy Riley appears courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.
R. Kelly appears courtesy of Jive Records
Funkmaster Flex appears courtesy of Loud/RCA Records
Wyclef Jean appears courtesy of Columbia Records

“A special thank you and acknowledgement to all the artists who originally worked with me on HIStory PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE – BOOK I, HIStory CONTINUES”

Janet Jackson: Vocal Duet – Solo and Background Vocals – “Scream”

Additional Background Vocals: R. Kelly; Boyz II Men: Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman, Michael McCary; Bryan Loren; Andrae and Sandra Crouch and the Andrae Crouch Singers; Carol Dennis; Jackie Gouche; Gloria Augustus; and Linda McCrary

Child Soloists:
“HIStory”: Leah Frazier
“Little Susie”: Markita Prescott

Rap Performances by The Notorious B.I.G. and Shaquille O’Neal

Arrangements by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Dallas Austin, Bruce Swedien, R. Kelly, Rene, Jeremy Lubbock, Brad Buxer, and Johnny Mandel

Vocal Arrangements by Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Orchestral Arrangement by David Foster, Elmer Bernstein, and Bill Ross

Orchestral Realization by Steve Porcaro
String Arrangements by George del Barrio

Sequencer Arrangements by Brad Buxer

Orchestras Conducted by Elmer Bernstein, Jeremy Lubbock, Bill Ross, and Susie Katayama

Horn Arrangement by Jerry Hey

Piano Performances by David Foster, Brad Buxer, Big “Jim” Wright, and Jonathan Mackey

Keyboards and Synthesizers: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, David Foster, Steve “Yada” Porcaro, David Paich, Bill Bottrell, Dallas Austin, R. Kelly, Rene, Brad Buxer, Simon Franglen, Greg Phillinganes, Lafayette Carthon, Michael Boddicker, Chuck Wild, Bob Arbittier, Gary Adante, John Barnes, and Randy Waldman

Synthesizer Programming: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Simon Franglen, Steve Porcaro, Brad Buxer, Peter Mokran, Michael Boddicker, Chuck Wild, Andrew Scheps, Rick Sheppard, Rob Hoffman, Bobby Brooks, Jeff Bova, Chris Palmero, Jason Miles, Arnie Schulze, and Gregg Mangiafico

Drum Programming: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Peter Mokran, and Andrew Scheps

Synclavier Programming: Andrew Scheps and Simon Franglen

Guitars: Slash, Nile Rodgers, Trevor Rabin, Paul Jackson Jr., Steve Lukather, Bill Bottrell, Jeff Mirinov, Rob Hoffman, Michael Thompson, and Jen Leigh

Drums and Percussion: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Bill Bottrell, Buddy Williams, Bruce Swedien, Simon Franglen, Rene, Chuck Wild, Bobby Brooks, Bryan Loren, Omar Hakim, and Steve Ferrone

Bass: David Paich, Colin Wolfe, Louis Johnson, Wayne Pedzwater, Keith Rouster, Doug Grigsby, and Guy Pratt

Synth Bass: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Greg Phillinganes

Horns: Larry Williams, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, and Kim Hutchcroft

Organ: Big “Jim” Wright

Violin Solo: Paul Peabody

Intro Soundscapes and Sound Effects: Bruce Swedien, Chuck Wild, Brad Buxer, Andrew Scheps, and Matt Forger

Children’s Choir Conductors: Michael Boddicker, Annette Sanders, and Maxi Anderson

Children’s Choirs:
“Childhood (Theme from “Free Willy 2”)” – New York: Tracy Spindler, Natalia Harris, Jonathan Ungar, Brandi Stewart, Reeve Carney, Caryn Jones, and Brian Jones
“They Don’t Care About Us” – Los Angeles: Kimberly Johnson, Crystal Pounds, Rhonda Hoskins, Crystal Grant, Caleena Campbell, Nikisha Grier, Chauna Bryant, Jania Foxworth, Crystal Jackson, Kandy Johnson, Charity Young, Angela Fisher, and Coy Mattison

Background Voiceovers: Alan Shearman, Anna Matthias, Gregory Martin, Dawn McMillan, Phillip G. Proctor, Susan Silo, Jesse Corti, Hattie Winston, Maurice La Marche, and Rodger Bumpass

Narrative by Russian boy: Daniel Medvedev

Narrative by KGB Interrogator: Ed Wiesnieski

Orchestras Coordinated by Jesse Levy and Nathan Kaproff

Orchestrations: Emily Bernstein, Brad Buxer, and Geoff Grace

Without you, Elizabeth, my life would be less than full…less than complete…less than all there is. This music is dedicated to you…the words and music belong to you…my love has always and will forever belong to you. I love you, Elizabeth.
—Michael Jackson

“Blood on the Dance Floor” dedicated, with love in my heart and appreciation for all the sweetness, to the Charlie Chaplin Family.
—Michael Jackson

Dedicated to Elton John…”Blood on the Dance Floor”…with profound gratitude…with love for your support.
—All My Love, Michael Jackson

Forever and always, Mother and Father, you have my endless gratitude for this precious gift of life…for the gift of family…the gift of your enduring love.
—Your Son, Michael

To my very loyal and dedicated fans throughout the world…your love, your caring, your endless support, provide nourishment to my soul and keep my spirit strong and unwavering…together we will Heal the World.
—Michael Jackson

To John Reid…With deepest appreciation for extending your caring and compassion in so many ways.
—All My Love, Michael Jackson

Gary Goddard and Tony Christopher (Landmark Entertainment)…a special thank you and appreciation as we explore the future together.
—Michael Jackson

John Johnson…your continued support and love has never been forgotten.
—Michael Jackson

Profound and heartfelt gratitude to Bill Bray…from one who loves you for always being there…with our love – your guidance – your strength and caring ways. You are forever in my heart and will always be a part of the dance.
—Michael Jackson

Stan Winston…Thank you for everything.
—Michael Jackson

For our shared vision, Mr. and Mrs. Akio Morita…our shared dream of a joyful world of music…and our precious friendship, I offer you my endless gratitude, love and appreciation.
—Michael Jackson

A very special thank you and great appreciation to Mr. Nobuyuki Idei…for your constant support, caring and commitment to our world of music.
—Michael Jackson

Special thanks to Laurent Hopman and the HIStory, Black & White Gang; the Legend Continues; the King of Pop and all of the other fanzines whose support has kept me inspired the past few years.
—Michael Jackson

A very special kiss to Carol Beck for the American Master.
—Michael Jackson

John Branca….Thanks for all of your years of support and for your help in making my dreams become reality.
—Michael Jackson

A very special thanks to Marshall Gelfand.
—Michael Jackson

Bill Bottrell…With deep appreciation for not only inspiring the title “Blood on the Dance Floor” but for your efforts over the years and for the years of music to come.
—Michael Jackson

Charles Bobbit…for your tireless efforts, caring and love…a very special thanks.
—Michael Jackson

Flyte Tyme Studios (Edina, MN) Staff: Susan Owens, Brad Yost and Debbie Morrison
The Hit Factory Studio (New York) Staff: Edward Germano, Troy Germano and Danielle Germano, Joanne Carcione, Alethea Garber
The Larrabee Studios (Los Angeles) Staff: Kevin Mills, Ann Kadrovich, Gene Takasi, Tim McTighe, Lori Fumar
Mountain Studios (Montreux, Switzerland) Staff: David Richards, Colette Richards, Sam Curtis, Pascal Wartmann
Ocean Way Recording (Los Angeles)
Record One (Sherman Oaks, CA)
The Record Plant Studio (Los Angeles) Staff: Rick Stevens, Rose Mann, Amy Burr, Todd Keller, Billy Cameron and Roy Alfred
Soundtrack Studios (New York) Staff

My love and appreciation to my MJJ Productions Family….your continued support, efforts and endless loyalty are deeply appreciated.
—Michael Jackson

MJJ Productions Inc. Staff:
Evvy Tavasci, Executive Administrator and Assistant to Michael Jackson
Staff: Rosemary Chavira, Miko Brando, Grace Rwaramba, Narcisse, Gary Hearne and Scott “House” Shaffer

Bob Jones, Vice President of Communications, Kimberly Ingram and Kim Walters, Administrative Assistants to Mr. Jones

Personal Security: Wayne Nagin, Yannick Allain, James Hutt

Art Direction: Nancy Donald
Your endless support, love and great talent are deeply appreciated.

Cover Painting: Will Wilson
Art Direction and Design: David Coleman/Frank Harkins
Photography: J.K. Isaac
Reference Photo for Painting: Bill Nation

Vocal Consultant: Seth Riggs

Special Thanks To: Tommy Mottola, Dave Glew, Mel Ilberman, Michele Anthony, Richard Griffiths, Bob Bowlin, Paul Russell, Polly Anthony, Andrew Finkelstein, Ron Wilcox, Steve Rennie, Steve Barnett, Steve Einczig, LaVerne Perry, Melani Rogers, Harvey Leeds, Jim Scully, Lisa Kramer, Jo-Anne McGettrick, Kathy Root, Amy Strauss, Evelyn Burgueno, Scott Spanjich, Jeff Beck, Jon Polk, Jonathan Morrish, Paul Burger, Mitch Vannoni, Zia Modabber, Steve Cochran, Paul Rosenblum, The “Matt Forger Show,” Brad Sundberg, B Sun Audio, Karen Langford, Paul Surratt, Craig Johnson, Buz Kohan (Buzzie Wuzzie), Marsha Goodman, Bill Dicicco, Jan Vitrofsky, Rhoda Weintraub, Cathy Berry, Nicholas Brown, Andrea Bacon, Digital Audio Technologies (London) – Ian Sylvester, Terry Doty, Tal Miller, Rock It-Cargo USA, Air Apparent, SST, The Drum Doctor, Suzie Katayama, Andy Brauer, Electric Soup Imaging, A & I Color Laboratories.

I extend deepest gratitude to my knew Kingdom Family…for your trust, your commitment and our shared vision…HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, Mustafa Al-Hejailan, Tarak Ben Ammar
—All My Love, Michael Jackson

1. Blood On The Dance Floor
2. Morphine
3. Supafly Sister
4. Ghost
5. Is It Scary
6. Scream Louder (Flyte Tyme Remix)
7. Money (Fire Island Radio Edit)
8. 2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix)
9. Stranger In Moscow (Tee’s In-House Club Mix)
10. This Time Around (D.M. Radio Mix)
11. Earth Song (Hani’s Extended Radio Experience)
12. You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Mix)
13. History (Tony Moran’s HIStory Lesson)
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