Unforgettable Thriller Dance in Mexico City, Breaks Record
September 11, 2009

On August 29th, fans in Mexico City came together for a thrilling weekend to celebrate what would have been Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday. Two massive tributes were organized to show respect and love for the invaluable music career and legacy Michael left, as well to honor the unforgettable visit he made to México back in 1993.

Photo Credit - Chicotown

Photo Credit – Chicotown

Fans were summoned to show up to the “Monumento a la Revolución”, one of Mexico’s most famous national monuments, to be part of the largest number of people performing the “Thriller dance” at the same time. Over 50,000, people gathered together to watch and participate. You could feel the energy and excitement and it transcended generations. Young children, their parents, and grandparents were all willing to be a part of it. At 5:00 PM, the dancing began and after six quick rehearsals, over 13,000 people dressed from head to toe in their best Thriller costumes broke the record! Both National and International media covered the event and were witness to the incredible feat achieved by the crowds of dancers.

The dancing did not end with the record-breaking dance. On August 30th, fans had another chance to dance for Michael. A Mexico dance crew organized a “fan mob” that had over 7,500 people coming together at the “Angel de la Independencia”, located at Reforma Avenue. Dressed in their best MJ outfits (gloves, hats and clothes), fans worked together to learn the choreography for “Beat It”. Then, at 12:00 PM, over 3,000 people danced in unison facing the civic square known as “Centro Histórico”. This event was taped and will forever represent the dedication, honor and respect people from all over the world have for the King of Pop. These fans worked incredibly hard, having extensive rehearsals in the weeks leading up to this weekend and there is no doubt that Michael Jackson’s music will live forever.

Photo Credit - Chicotown

Photo Credit – Luneri

Photo Credit - Chicotown

Photo Credit – Ulises García

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