Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal


“Smooth Criminal” - written and composed by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson: Solo and background vocals, clap.

Bill Bottrell, John Robinson, Bruce Swedien: Drums.

David Williams: Guitar. Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams: Saxophones.

Gary Grant, Jerry Hey: Trumpets.

Kevin Maloney: Muted Steinway piano.

Christopher Currell: Synclavier.

Certain Synclavier Effects by Denny Jaeger and Michael Rubini.

John Barnes, Michael Boddicker: Synthesizers.

Chief Of Police Announcement by Bruce Swedien.

Michael Jackson’s heartbeat recording by Dr. Eric Chevlen digitally processed in the Synclavier.

Rhythm arrangement by Michael Jackson and John Barnes.

Horn arrangement by Jerry Hey.

Vocal arrangement by Michael Jackson.

©1987 Mijac Music