Bruce Swedien On Michael Jackson’s Dedication To His Craft
May 12, 2020
Michael Jackson

“Michael was not an ordinary vocalist or an ordinary singer. If any young people in the music industry take the decision to use Michael as an inspiration, that’s about the smartest thing that they could possibly do. In the studio you hardly knew he was there — he was extremely quiet and polite and kind — but he really cared about the quality of what we were doing. Not only the technical quality, but the musicality, and his pitch, and the lyrics, the arrangements, and so on. For example, I don’t think I ever saw Michael with the lyrics in front of him. He’d always been up the night before memorizing the lyrics and he sang the songs from memory. And every day that we recorded vocals his vocal coach was there, and he warmed up for an hour beforehand. That made a big difference.” – Bruce Swedien on Michael’s dedication to his craft. #BeLikeMike #dedication #commitment #perfection

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