Tune in for “The World of Michael Jackson” at iTunes!
June 18, 2008

Put down the tabloids. Turn off the TV. Allow us to re-introduce you to, arguably, the greatest pop star ever.

From the moment Michael Jackson first made contact with the stage–a pint-sized, fully formed human dynamo–he lit it up with 100,000 watts of pure star power…and we haven’t been able to take our eyes (or ears) off him since.

Even before he stepped out on his own, he’d already sold 100 million records with the Jackson 5. But, oh, when he stepped, it was a moonwalk into magnificence. With the transcendent trifecta of Off the Wall, Thriller (the biggest album of all time), and Bad, Jackson became a master of reinvention, his every move making everything that came before totally irrelevant.

About those moves…the youngest singer ever to top the pop charts; broke MTV’s unspoken color barrier; sold 750 million records. How? Why? Because Michael Jackson sounded like nobody else: with a sequin-spangled mash-up of rock, R&B, and dance, he united AM and FM, black and white, yesterday and tomorrow–single-glovedly touching the hearts and shaking the hips of planet Earth.

Forty years from when it all began, it’s that sound that compels us, once again, to be moved by the music behind the man.

Welcome to the World of Michael Jackson.

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