Brand New Michael Jackson Online Game Launched
August 21, 2008

Michael Jackson is proud to launch, in conjunction with the new international release King Of Pop, a brand new flash-based game that allows users to control Michael Jackson’s dance moves as they aim to keep up with the steps during his tracks in a dance-mat style routine. Hand-and-eye co-ordination is the key to the game as arrows directs users to try and build up the biggest combo they can and see the King of Pop break out the trademark moves he made a worldwide phenomenon.

Prizes will be awarded for the highest hourly and daily scores, exclusive ringtones for hourly winners, and limited edition iPod Nanos for the daily winners. The overall top 5 scorers from each social network will then move on to a secret extra level. This level will pit the players against each other as they aim to be the lucky recipient of two round the world plane tickets (for players aged 18 and over), or a Sony Bravia 32″ TV and a Playstation 3 (for players aged under 18).

You can play a beta version of the game right now at