Speed Demon
Speed Demon


“Speed Demon” - written and composed by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson: Solo and background vocals, vocal synthesizer.

Larry Williams: MIDI saxophone solo.

Miko Brando, Ollie E. Brown, John Robinson: Drums.

Douglas Getschal: Drum programming.

Bill Bottrell, David Williams: Guitars.

Kim Hutchcroft: Saxophone.

Gary Grant, Jerry Hey: Trumpets.

Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion.

Christopher Currell: Synclavier, effects.

John Barnes, Michael Boddicker, Greg Phillinganes: Synthesizers.

Eric Persing: Synthesizer programming.

Race car intro - Dimensional Recording by Spherical Sound, Inc.

Sounds engineered by Ken Caillat and Tom Jones.

Rhythm arrangement by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

Vocal arrangements by Michael Jackson.

Synthesizer and horn arrangements by Jerry Hey.

©1987 Mijac Music

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