Black Or White
Michael Jackson - Dangerous

Written and Composed by Michael Jackson
Rap Lyrics by Bill Bottrell

Produced by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell
Recorded and Mixed by Bill Bottrell
Michael Jackson: Solo and background vocals
Bryan Loren: Drums
Brad Buxer, Bill Bottrell: Percussion
Bryan Loren (moog), Terry Jackson
(Bass Guitar): Bass
Brad Buxer, John Barnes,
Jason Martz: Keyboards
Bill Bottrell: Guitar
Tim Pierce: Heavy Metal Guitar
Michael Boddicker, Kevin Gilbert:
Speed Sequencer
L.T.B.: Rap Performance
Special Guitar Performance by Slash
Directed by Michael Jackson
Engineering and Sound Design: Matt Forger
Son Played by Andres McKenzie
Father Played by L.T. B.

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All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.