Preview of Stunning Billie Jean and Thriller Figures
October 13, 2010

When I heard the makers of my favorite childhood cartoon figures (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) were making collectible figures based on Michael Jackson’s iconic music video scenes, I literally jumped for joy. Playmates and Bravado have teamed up to create near-perfect replications of MJ’s most recognizable outfits – with the first series featuring his attire from the Billie Jean and Thriller music videos.

My preview of the Billie Jean figure recently arrived and I can say without a doubt that I am blown away by the amount of detail and care put into the figure’s presentation. The packaging is incredibly well detailed, featuring a backdrop reminiscent of the famous lighted sidewalk scene from the Billie Jean music video. Collector enthusiasts will appreciate the non-obstructive package view of the figure along with its individually numbered labled right on the bottom. Even cooler, the sides of the box feature Michael’s iconic tip-toe silhouette in a subtle yet well designed placement.

Now for toy enthusiasts, packaging and keeping the figure unopened are pretty much a golden rule, so you can imagine my grief of having to unbox the figure – especially in a box so amazingly fresh and cool.

The 10 inch figure is incredibly well detailed and after inspecting the figure and rewatching Billie Jean to double-check authenticity – I noticed details in the music video I had not realize before! While you get the expected details on the figure – red bowtie, pink shirt, leather pants, etc., – it’s the little subtle points that really showcase the craftsmenship of the figure. Details such as Michael Jackson’s PINK socks (not the trademark white socks we are so used to seeing), white shirt buttons, or the ruffles on the collar of MJ’s leather jacket are carefully recrafted from the music video. Even the proper black/white wave on MJ’s dancing shoes are portrayed perfectly. Kudos to Playmates for making a diehard MJ fan see the video in a whole new light. Fans will also appreciate the texture of the clothes themselves – each with its own distinctive feel. Truly remarkable.

Playmates states that the figure contains 37 points of articulation, quite a lot – and I believe them. I’ve been posing the figure in numerous stances to test how close I can come to some of the trademark scenes from the Billie Jean video. You’ll be quite impressed at how well you can bend the figure’s feet and arms. Heck – you can even imitate the classic pose of Michael on the lighted up side walk, with one hand on his pocked and feet pointed inward.

As a toy collector – I am truly amazed at the level of detail and care of the Bravado/Playmates Michael Jackson line. More importantly, as an MJ fan it’s incredibly heart-warming to know my favorite childhood memories have been near perfectly re-imagined for display.

Check out more pics below and you can purchase the Billie Jean and Thriller figures here.

*Disclosure: The review above was written by a Sony Music Entertainment employee. The toy was provided courtesy of Playmates Toys.

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