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Today in Michael HIStory

Today in Michael HIStory
July 04, 2013

Eddie Van Halen joins Michael on stage during the Victory Tour in 1984 to play the “Beat It” solo. Happy Independence Day!


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I'm about to take 3 weeks off from work so the new albums are gonna have to wait for now. Pricey!!

Remember how I told you that some white people wanted to kick it? Well I am hanging out with 3 22 year olds tomorrow downtown. You know how pot smokers tend to find each other. I'll let you know what it's like. 2 of them are musicians too.

I still had time to stand around and look at your picture for about the last hour or so. Smiling

Turns out ladies do buy lingerie on the 4th of July. I guess it was 75% off clearance prices. I sold 800 in 4 hours, which isn't slow. . .considering some of these panties were like 2 or 3 dollars, I sold a lot. I must have hung over 100 bras tonight.

Is magical, loved

Ok baby. I gotta leave for work now. I look so nautical. I should be at the yacht club or something. It's a good look on blondes. Anyways, I hope when I pull into the mall that the parking lot is dead. I have your picture on my phone so I can just stand around and look at you tonight. Smiling and you are smiling in this picture so that's good.

Actually I think I'm gonna wear white linen pants and a navy blazer. Thanks though.

Hey, we are allowed to wear Red White and Blue today. Could I borrow one of your red shirts? I don't have one.

I just checked the website and it looks like I"ll be alone in IA tonight. From the looks of the schedule, we may close at 7 tonight. But I'm glad I'll be alone.

I'm working today. Do you think there will be ladies buying lingerie today?