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Michael Jackson's BAD25 Documentary Getting Rave Reviews

October 19, 2012

Film critics are loving Michael Jackson’s BAD25, the documentary by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Spike Lee. The movie just earned a rave review from New York's The Village Voice, which writes:

Look, if there's any part of you that thinks you might be interested in catching BAD25, Spike Lee's two-hour celebration/behind-the-scenes history of Michael Jackson's 1988 BAD LP, then seriously, get to it. This is a bliss-out. The performance footage alone is thrilling, and Lee has augmented it with archival treasures: dance rehearsals where Jackson and choreographers Jeffrey Daniel and Caszper Canidate seem lost in the joy of invention; recordings of vocal exercises revealing Jackson's rarely plumbed lower registers; video shot by Jackson himself of Siedah Garrett singing her then-new song (co-written with Glen Ballard) "Man in the Mirror" to Jackson and Quincy Jones. ... Spike Lee has given the world the first tribute that fully measures up to Jackson the artist. Come on get your sham on.

Read more at The Village Voice. BAD25 will be shown exclusively at theaters in New York and Los Angeles for one-week periods beginning October 19th.


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