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Michael Jackson Opus Now Available Through MichaelJackson.com

January 08, 2010

UPDATED: IN STOCK. FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. The only new publication approved and endorsed by Michael Jackson himself, and by the estate of Michael Jackson is now available through MichaelJackson.com. Read more. Buy It Now

Michael Jackson Opus - An Official Tribute
A Great Gift and Keepsake For Future Generations

Michael Jackson Opus
  • The definitive publication about the 'King of Pop'
  • Featuring over 300 spectacular photos many rare and previously unpublished
  • Personal remembrances from Reverend Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal, Paula Abdul, John Landis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jimmy Jam, Spike Lee, Teddy Riley, Jane Fonda and many more
  • 404 pages measuring an impressive 13 x 18 inches each
  • Beautifully hand-bound in black leather
  • Protective clamshell case, adorned with a special drawing by Nate Giorgio, friend of Michael, collaborator and acclaimed artist
  • 12Kg/26.5lbs

Proceeds of the Opus will benefit Michael's Estate and his designated beneficiaries – his children, mother and the charitable causes that were important to him.

FREE SHIPPING in the United States.
Estimated shipping times is 5-7 business days from order date.

Inside the Michael Jackson Opus - The Today Show [Video]


Take A Look Inside The Book [Pictures]

Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus
Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus
Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus


Fan Comments

  • Speechless.............
  • I am sooooo buying this!!!! I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL!!!!!!!!
  • Can't waaaaait!!
  • ordered my opus- so so so super excited, perfect birthday and christmas present!! cant wait to get it!!
  • As a GRAPHIC DESIGNER I've have to say the OPUS looks SO BEUTYFULL and amazingly done :·) I can't wait 2 get mine :·)
  • I love this!
  • I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome. i will be getting mine .I love michael and this will be the best Christmas present.
  • I pre-ordered my copy as well. I'm so excited. Without a doubt, it will be worth the wait.
  • I ordered it the first day it was available. It's going to be amazing, like no other.
  • I pre-ordered mine,and this will be my greatest Christmast gift.
  • As soon as I heard about Michael Jackson Opus I pre-ordered it. I am so excited and can't wait to receive this incredible tribute to Michael, I will treasure it always.
  • I am so looking forward to receiving this in December. I bought it as a Christmas gift for myself, and to share with future generations.


FAQs About Purchasing Opus Directly from MichaelJackson.com

Q: Does MichaelJackson.com have Opus in stock?
A: Yes. We currently have a limited number of copies in stock. The books are shipped directly from MichaelJackson.com and not the publisher, Kraken Opus. Estimated shipping time is 5-7 business days from your order date.

If you need help or have concerns with an order you've placed directly with Kraken Opus please visit their web site.

Q: Where is free shipping offered?
A: Free shipping is currently available in the United States.

Q: How long does it take to arrive?
A: In general, we estimate that it will take 5-7 business days to arrive from your order date. Factors such as weather or customs may affect delivery times.

Q: I'm outside the United States. If I order Opus from MichaelJackson.com will I have to pay VAT, duties and/or taxes?
A: Certain countries charge taxes and/or duties on imported goods from the United States. These taxes/duties are regulated by your country's laws. If this is a requirement of imported goods to your country then you will have to pay your country's taxes and/or duties. In many cases you may not know what these taxes and/or duties are until your item arrives at your custom's office. However, when you checkout we will show you then charge your country's VAT, duties and/or taxes are as part of your completed order. This way, you'll know the complete cost up front and your Opus book will not be delayed at your custom's office due to taxes and/or duties. Your VAT, taxes and/or duties will be paid auotmatically to your custom's office when the item arrives there. This is only applicable for orders outside the United States. U.S. customers' purchases may be subject to local sales tax rates.

Q: Many comments at the bottom of this page express concern from fans about delivery times for Opus. Have there been issues with delivery for orders placed directly through MichaelJackson.com?
A: No. MichaelJackson.com has not expercienced any delays in shipment of the Opus book. We estimate a 5-7 business day time of arrival from your order date. MichaelJackson.com has the book in stock. Michael Jackson Opus has been available from a few select other vendors. Many of the concerns expressed below are in regards to orders placed with other vendors.


To talk about Opus visit the Michael Jackson Opus forum.

Share your comments about the Opus ordering experience you had with a particular seller here.

If you have a question about an Opus order you placed through MichaelJackson.com then please contact us here.


Comments (515)

I can't really get the system of leaving comments here lol, might send one comment twice, hope I haven't done anything wrong.

@ Cali
The same thing is happening in Russia, only their customs fees are even higher, reaching up to USD 200 or something. They are desperate.

Besides, the situation in Moscow is even worse, because they can't even get their books, there is no FedEx customs broker in Moscow, and they have to take the books to St. Petersburg, which will cost even more, bringing the total amount for ONE Opus to USD 500.

I've written to Andy, waiting for an answer about the way to return my Opus and get my money back.
I have also written in Opus Facebook, but it looks like they have simply deleted my complaint as soon as I posted it.

THIS IS IT another one discrimination in the long list of discriminations around the world.
And i wanted so bad that 20% discount for my next OPUS.LOL ;)Eye-wink

Comment #449

This is a great picture-- all those who have received your Opuses-- check this out--


Thanks Paly for sharing!

So country updates for thos who have already ordered are (according to comments on this site):

<strong>Finland</strong> (new) 12/29 02:09am PT One known to have been received
<strong>Germany</strong> *EDIT/Add* 07:37am PT (replied) Not received yet
<strong>Denmark</strong> 12/29 08:00 am PT appears to be Jan 11th based on Fed Ex tracking info
<strong>China</strong>/Hong Kong (2nd customer) 12/29 07:02am PT Received (damaged)
<strong>Philippines</strong> *EDIT/Add 12/29 11:06pm Received (but went directly to Customs @ airport to obtain possession of it)
<strong>republic of Georgia </strong>Customer posted comment 12/29 03:03am PT Not received yet BUT money now deducted for payment. *EDIT 12/30 customer ordered Dec 3.

I will put together a full updated list by this evening to allow others time to update. But this is what we have so far since last amendment.

More in a bit.

for the person that responded from houston,

i also live in houston and purchased mine in sept.

i contacted opus today because i had not received my tracking # either.

within a 4 hour time frame i got a fedex email stating my tracking # and when it will arrive.

will not get it until dec. 24th. hopefully i do.

by reading what everyone is posting i am too very disappointed in the opus people not giving us what they advertised originally. i feel if michael were still alive he would be very uphappy about this for his fans.

hopefully his estate will get this straightened out also before they try to release another one.

but even if they don't this man and his music will never be forgotten. he had set the bar and no one has even come close to it and probably never will. i saw him twice here in houston in the late 80's and still remember those performances from even back than. just remarkable.

listened to his music alot and followed everything he did but since his death listen to it continuously.
and have tried to read up on him more and more.

the entertainment world has lost a great entertainer that is for sure.

love and miss you mj

Good morning everyone. I'm trying to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks, so forgive me for being brief at the moment *EDIT (I guess I wasn't brief after all. lol) *end. I promise to reply here to everyone (from today and yesterday) shortly. I need to check do my morning rounds to see if there is any new news before I update.

Also, if anyone gets any communication from Opus Media Group (OMG) please copy/paste it here. Please remove any of your personal information before you hit save. This will also help your fellow fans.

If you are on TWITTER , you could retweet using the link at the top of this page (retweet) or something like (and in your native language)

Have you received your Michael Jackson Opus? Please comment http://bit.ly/7XqBgW

<strong>Liis</strong>-- I would ask you this simple question-- have you received <strong>any </strong>communication whatsoever via your email from Opus or Ticketmaster (if you purchased through them) or any company directly related to your purchase through Opus? There was an email on 12/18 sent that most people received about only 1 glove and no Opus Reality card being mailed. Here's the one I received:


ISo if you DID get it (or something like it), then you did nothing whatsoever incorrect when you ordered and they should have your correct contact information. But please remember, you are not alone in not having received a message so don't beat yourself up thinking that you did something wrong okay?

Be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder for anything also-- however I could assume these would not go to most people's spam/junk mail folders. (just be care of the scams out there trying to lure you into thinking you just inherited a lot of money-- Fed Ex does NOT send those kind of emails!).

If might be wise to confirm with Fed Ex somehow if you can do that without a tracking number. Maybe if you give them your address they could check but I don't know for sure.

<strong>This sure would be easier if OMG just communicated the expected delivery date by country so people would stop being so anxious and upset. It is very clear that the promised delivery dates that have been given have passed-- so a simple update by country would not be so hard. Especially since there are only 100 countries to list (according to communication on their site). </strong>

Again,, please allow me to make the rounds around the internet to see if there is anything new to report and I'll be back here shortly. Much L.O.V.E. to everyone! Hang in there!

In the meantime, go to this link and give it a minute to allow it to upload all the pretty pictures! They will make you SMILE!



I posted this earlier in the other Opus comment section. I thought I should bring it here:

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I just received it. I have to go to work, so I only looked at the first 20 pages or so and skimmed through it. It's amazing!!! So many photos that have never been seen before. I'm still crying from looking at giant photos of our beautiful Michael.

It took me quite a while to open it. It's packed very well. It's soooo heavy. Even the red outer cover, with a drawing of Michael on his toes, is beautiful. I only wish Michael could see it. What an amazing tribute to an amazing man. *tears*

I'll add that if anyone is hesitating, don't!! It's a once-in-a-lifetime book about a once-in-a-lifetime person.

I see some are complaining about receiving one glove. That didn't even bother me. If I want, I'll buy another glove. It's not big deal. And I can wait for the media card. The main thing is the BOOK!!! And what a BOOK it is!!


I have just gotten off the phone with Andy. UPDATE HAS BEEN POSTED! Please go here <strong>http://www.michaeljackson.com/us/node/569336</strong>
Psst.. everyone coming here since December... please go here:


Much L.O.V.E.

Here are countries who are checking in having received Fed Ex tracking numbers and delivery dates:

Country Expected Delivery on/after

Australia Jan 8th
Belgium ...Jan 11th *Opus is in Paris Jan 4th*
Estonia Jan 7th
Greece Jan 11th
Poland Jan 11th *
Romania Jan 13th *Opus is in Paris Jan 4th*
Russia Jan. 22nd


Anyone else? Please comment ... thanks!

Fed Ex just pulled up and WOW! I got my Opus. This book is VERY HUGE and HEAVY! Beautiful as I'm looking through it. Now some of you have commented that your Opus only came with one glove and no media card.The same goes for me. But what I will do on behalf of everybody is that I will call directly to Opus and I will let them know the situation. I will leave a post on the information that I've gathered tomorrow. I'm not upset cause I know this will be solved. The most important thing is that I got my book in pristine condition. My Christmas is complete. Yaaaaay!