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January 08, 2010

UPDATED: IN STOCK. FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. The only new publication approved and endorsed by Michael Jackson himself, and by the estate of Michael Jackson is now available through Read more. Buy It Now

Michael Jackson Opus - An Official Tribute
A Great Gift and Keepsake For Future Generations

Michael Jackson Opus
  • The definitive publication about the 'King of Pop'
  • Featuring over 300 spectacular photos many rare and previously unpublished
  • Personal remembrances from Reverend Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal, Paula Abdul, John Landis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jimmy Jam, Spike Lee, Teddy Riley, Jane Fonda and many more
  • 404 pages measuring an impressive 13 x 18 inches each
  • Beautifully hand-bound in black leather
  • Protective clamshell case, adorned with a special drawing by Nate Giorgio, friend of Michael, collaborator and acclaimed artist
  • 12Kg/26.5lbs

Proceeds of the Opus will benefit Michael's Estate and his designated beneficiaries – his children, mother and the charitable causes that were important to him.

FREE SHIPPING in the United States.
Estimated shipping times is 5-7 business days from order date.

Inside the Michael Jackson Opus - The Today Show [Video]


Take A Look Inside The Book [Pictures]

Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus
Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus
Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus Michael Jackson Opus


Fan Comments

  • Speechless.............
  • I am sooooo buying this!!!! I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL!!!!!!!!
  • Can't waaaaait!!
  • ordered my opus- so so so super excited, perfect birthday and christmas present!! cant wait to get it!!
  • As a GRAPHIC DESIGNER I've have to say the OPUS looks SO BEUTYFULL and amazingly done :·) I can't wait 2 get mine :·)
  • I love this!
  • I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome. i will be getting mine .I love michael and this will be the best Christmas present.
  • I pre-ordered my copy as well. I'm so excited. Without a doubt, it will be worth the wait.
  • I ordered it the first day it was available. It's going to be amazing, like no other.
  • I pre-ordered mine,and this will be my greatest Christmast gift.
  • As soon as I heard about Michael Jackson Opus I pre-ordered it. I am so excited and can't wait to receive this incredible tribute to Michael, I will treasure it always.
  • I am so looking forward to receiving this in December. I bought it as a Christmas gift for myself, and to share with future generations.


FAQs About Purchasing Opus Directly from

Q: Does have Opus in stock?
A: Yes. We currently have a limited number of copies in stock. The books are shipped directly from and not the publisher, Kraken Opus. Estimated shipping time is 5-7 business days from your order date.

If you need help or have concerns with an order you've placed directly with Kraken Opus please visit their web site.

Q: Where is free shipping offered?
A: Free shipping is currently available in the United States.

Q: How long does it take to arrive?
A: In general, we estimate that it will take 5-7 business days to arrive from your order date. Factors such as weather or customs may affect delivery times.

Q: I'm outside the United States. If I order Opus from will I have to pay VAT, duties and/or taxes?
A: Certain countries charge taxes and/or duties on imported goods from the United States. These taxes/duties are regulated by your country's laws. If this is a requirement of imported goods to your country then you will have to pay your country's taxes and/or duties. In many cases you may not know what these taxes and/or duties are until your item arrives at your custom's office. However, when you checkout we will show you then charge your country's VAT, duties and/or taxes are as part of your completed order. This way, you'll know the complete cost up front and your Opus book will not be delayed at your custom's office due to taxes and/or duties. Your VAT, taxes and/or duties will be paid auotmatically to your custom's office when the item arrives there. This is only applicable for orders outside the United States. U.S. customers' purchases may be subject to local sales tax rates.

Q: Many comments at the bottom of this page express concern from fans about delivery times for Opus. Have there been issues with delivery for orders placed directly through
A: No. has not expercienced any delays in shipment of the Opus book. We estimate a 5-7 business day time of arrival from your order date. has the book in stock. Michael Jackson Opus has been available from a few select other vendors. Many of the concerns expressed below are in regards to orders placed with other vendors.


To talk about Opus visit the Michael Jackson Opus forum.

Share your comments about the Opus ordering experience you had with a particular seller here.

If you have a question about an Opus order you placed through then please contact us here.


Comments (515)


To prevent a slew of comments in your direction which would not be flattering, perhaps first you should RESEARCH the WHOLE problem before you make outlandish comments such as the one you just posted.


Don't comment back to her comment. PLEASE. She is just trying to start a feud in here. We have made it abuntedly clear that we are HAPPY FOR HER and the service SHE RECEIVED from OMG.


Much L.OV.E.
OOPS .. Comment #495

HEY ANA!!!!!!!!!
How are you doing?
Still waiting for that OPUS book?
Thats how OMG treats their customers.
They give a meaning to your life,by having you waiting,wondering and anticipating for your order!
Did i help at all? Smiling Eye-wink
Much love and support
from Greece.
(And as i've said before patience is a great virtue,BUT it has and its LIMITS)
I forgat again!! 498

Comment #499 (holy cow!)

Ok, here's updates by country, alpha order and this is from the FANS, based on either waiting, or specific communications with OMG/Fed Ex.

<strong>If you already have your Opus, then this portion is related mostly to those who PRE-ordered and are still awaiting news of their Opus. </strong> *See bottom of reply for other issues. Smiling

If you see a YAY!, that means many have been received in that country.
If you see a NEED UPDATE and you are from that country and have info, please post.
If you see a Expected Delivery +Date, that means this is ESTIMATED by OMG and/or Fed Ex thru communications with these specific companies.

<strong>OMG-- YOUR URGENT ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED FOR CUSTOMERS IN RUSSIA AND UKRAINE</strong> re: waybills/customs/tarriffs/whatever else you call 'em.

<strong> Africa- </strong>(Kenya) Delivered 12/19 YAY!
<strong>Argentina </strong> Expected delivery by Jan 15th (was after Jan 4th)
<strong>Australia </strong>- Expected delivery by Jan 15th from Andy (was Jan... 4th by Pres/OMG)
<strong>Belgium </strong>- Delivered Jan 5th YAY!
<strong>Brazil </strong>- No Update as of time of this post.
<strong>Bulgaria </strong>Customer posted comment 12/17 11:54am PT Not received yet NEED UPDATE
<strong>Canada </strong> Some have received, some have not. (last update Jan 10th)
<strong>Chile </strong>Expected by Jan 15th.
<strong>China </strong>(Hong Kong) Received YAY! (damaged - boo)
<strong>China</strong>/Hong Kong (2nd customer) 12/29 Received YAY! (damaged - boo)
<strong>Czech Republic</strong> Received Jan 6th YAY! (with no gloves - boo)
<strong>Denmark</strong> Received Jan 5th YAY!
<strong>Estonia</strong> Received Jan 6th YAY!
<strong>"Europe"</strong> Message from President of Opus-- Delivery starting again 12/28
<strong>Finland</strong> Received Dec 29th YAY!
<strong>France </strong> NEED UPDATE (although, since many went through Paris, we'll assume received unless we hear otherwise.)
<strong>republic of Georgia </strong>NO Delivery info received yet (cust. ordered Dec 3)
<strong>Germany</strong> Received Jan 5th YAY!
<strong>Greece </strong> Received Jan 6th YAY! YAY! (sorry VOLOS)
<strong>Hungary</strong> Received Jan 8th/9th (not sure of time diff) YAY!
<strong>India </strong> Expected by Jan 30th
<strong>Ireland </strong>Customer posted comment Jan 3rd, Not yet received
<strong>Italy </strong> Received Jan 4th YAY!
<strong>Japan</strong> NEED UPDATE
<strong>Mexico </strong> NO Delivery info received yet
<strong>Netherlands </strong> Received Jan 6th EXCEPT FOR CUSTOMER on this site named MJTKOP-NYTRAM who has been trying to reach ANYone @ OMG, incl. Andy.
<strong>New Zealand </strong>Expected delivery Jan 11th (was Jan. 4th) UPDATE??
<strong>Philippines</strong> Received Dec 29th YAY!
<strong>Poland </strong> Received Jan 6th YAY!
<strong>Romania </strong> Received Jan 6th YAY!
<strong>Russia NEEDS ATTENTION OMG-- Customs/waybill issues! </strong>
<strong>South Africa </strong> NO Delivery Info received yet
<strong>South America </strong>NEED UPDATE
<strong>Spain</strong> Believe they already received... can anyone confirm this for me?
<strong>Ukraine NEEDS ATTENTION OMG-- Customs/waybill issues! </strong>
<strong>United Arab Emirates</strong> Expected delivery after Jan 4th (ordered Dec 12th)
<strong>United Kingdom</strong> Delivered in/around Christmas YAY!
<strong>United States</strong> Many received YAY! <strong>Customers on THIS site who have not are: Autumn Rain & Mido</strong>
<strong>Vietnam</strong> Received Dec 26th YAY!

Have I missed anyone or any updates? PLEASE POST A COMMENT if you have any updates!

The Update by Country (with comments) is here:


You may post comments there as well !!

To everyone who is still waiting, please just remember it WILL get to you! Also, please keep MJ's fans in Russia and the Ukraine in your prayers that the issues about the fees get resolved. The cost is anywhere from <strong>$150 to $200 EXTRA (on top of the $165 + they paid for the Book -- like $450 total for ONE BOOK). </strong> They need our soft hugs and warm thoughts and LOTS of prayers!

Much L.O.V.E. to all of you!

PS. If you haven't read <strong> MJ FANS RESPOND TO OMG</strong>, read it here:


No YAY for Greece?
500 or 501?

@ Cali
Thanks for helping us, this is much appreciated *hugs*

I called Ukrainian FedEx again in hope that maybe they would consider my documents proving I haven't paid that much, I told them they could easily get online and check that the Ticketmaster site from which I bought my Opus still has a price much lower than the limit for customs-free import.

Like hell they would.
They told me it's not their problem and I should get it straight with the sender.

Now, what's wrong with the sender, by the way? My waybill specifies the sender is Gary Yandle, Fedex SCS, and NOT Opus.

That means that we're calling Opus in vain because they'll probably divert us back to Fedex and say they are the ones responsible for making those waybills. That would be convenient.

I asked my local Fedex if they can send an inquiry to the sender to claim the package back and give me a refund. They said they tried - but got no response.

It means I'll have to pay the damned USD 150 customs fees to get it. Otherwise I'm losing my USD 193 I have initially paid for it.

I have to think fast because the local FedEx will start charging me for storage of the package starting from the 11th day of its being in the customs zone. There are only 6 days left, and after that I need to make a decision what to do.
The book will be, like, golden to me, if you understand what I mean.

To EVERYBODY who haven't recived the OPUS yet : CALL Kraken OPUS +44 (0)20 7213 9587 and ask for Andy, he will answer YOUR questions.

If you have recived a FEDEX tracking number and and you can see the bar stands on dilivered information to Fedex, but nothing happends, (It may take 2 weeks or more) before it moves to: In transit) CALL FEDEX.

Justice Rainger : That's allright hehe everybody can make a mistake, my name might be Russian, but I live in Denmark (Europe), don't worry about it :·)

Thanks MJcomMod!

To be clear, the issues containted below, are surrounding those customers who<strong> PRE-ordered through Opus or Ticketmaster beginning last August through December 1, </strong>with an expected delivery date of before Christmas. Furthermore, <strong>Ticketmaster was not responsible for the delivery portion of the sale,</strong> according to an executive with Opus on December 22/23.

Michael Jackson's Official site through Sony (here) only recently (Dec 15th or later) starting offering the purchase of the Opus directly. <strong>The comments below do not reflect Sony's delivery AT ALL.</strong> They did logically post a news thread in August, announcing the sale,which is why many have congregated here.

So buy away!

Hope that helps!

PS. Everyone else--made a new thread under the Opus Forum so we can chat there.... and leave the 2 topics above specifically for the issues they address.


I have just gotten off the phone with Andy. UPDATE HAS BEEN POSTED! Please go here <strong></strong>
Psst.. everyone coming here since December... please go here:


Much L.O.V.E.

This news item has received a lot of comments! In order to accommodate the volume of comments we've created a Michael Jackson Opus forum and started two default topics.

If you've received your Opus book, share your comments on it here.

Share your comments about the Opus ordering experience you had with a particular seller here.

If you have a question about an Opus order you placed through then please contact us here.

Thank you!

Fed Ex just pulled up and WOW! I got my Opus. This book is VERY HUGE and HEAVY! Beautiful as I'm looking through it. Now some of you have commented that your Opus only came with one glove and no media card.The same goes for me. But what I will do on behalf of everybody is that I will call directly to Opus and I will let them know the situation. I will leave a post on the information that I've gathered tomorrow. I'm not upset cause I know this will be solved. The most important thing is that I got my book in pristine condition. My Christmas is complete. Yaaaaay!