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Michael Jackson THIS IS IT offers Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts that would have taken place beginning summer 2009 in London's O2 Arena. Chronicling the months from April through June, 2009, the film is drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind-the-scenes footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing a number of his songs for the show. Audiences will be given a privileged and private look at the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, and genius as he creates and perfects his final show.

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This Is It


Michael Jackson's This Is It Tue, 10/27/2009 Michael Jackson's This Is It - Lyrics

DVD & Blu-ray

This Is It

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The behind-the-scenes concert film now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Michael Jackson's This Is It (DVD/Blu-ray)

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