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July 13, 1992

Michael Jackson’s 1991 “Jam” video (Dangerous) was directed by Jackson and David Kellogg and includes a cameo by Michael Jordan, a rap verse from Heavy D, and a special appearance by Kris Kross. The video takes place in a deserted indoor basketball court where Jackson teaches Jordan his dance moves and in return, Jordan helps Jackson learn how to play basketball. Special effects aided Jackson in scoring a hoop each time he throws the ball from complicated angles.

© 1992 Optimum Productions

Songwriter: Michael Jackson
Album: Dangerous
Director: David Nelson
Production Dates: 1992
Primary Production Location: Chicago, Illinois

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my michael jackson love you I am love dance love you my love my life my love kiss kiss kiss

Love Michael's dance moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend Dillion moonwalked for me, not as good as MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u, Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3