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Thriller 25th Anniversary EPK

Enero 01, 2007

Michael Jackson's “Thriller 25th Anniversary EPK” video has memorable highlights of Michael Jackson's music career and is a tribute to Michael Jackson's 25th Anniversary of the video and album Thriller. (C) 2007 Optimum Productions

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Just wanted to drop in and say "hi"...listening to Thriller here while I'm baking lol...well I do listen to this when I decorate for Halloween, don't I?, the whole point of this is wondering if my" MJ Loves" remember that one of my other idols is Vincent Price???? Too Awesome Eh? : )) Have the best day!!! Luv.

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mi michael jackson I am love thriller love you my love my life my hearth kiss kiss

My ALL TIME(ultrament favorite) favorite song and video. I never got THRILLER 25 CD.
It's it still in stores I will look for it. This was the time(1982) after I was born(1981) in Michael's life that made him VERY BIG(Larger Than Life) and made him the KING OF POP.
It annoys some people hearing this song over and over and watching this video over and over again but it doesn't annoy me. I just LOVE this song and the video of it. Even I like dance that goes with it. This dance is VERY popular and still is. I went to a THRILLER DANCE PARTY in Sarasota, FL that was on Friday Oct. 2, 2009 that was lots of fun.
Sorry about going into detail about this. My bad