Fans asked to participate in “King of Pop” album
August 26, 2008

In honor of Michael Jackson’s 50th birthday, fans are being asked to vote for their most favorite songs from the “King Of Pop”. The songs with the most votes are being released as limited edition “best of” album titled “KING OF POP” starting this week. Countries that are the first to release this special project are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines and the UK. Fan participation has been phenomenal: in the UK the voting process involved live television on GMTV and in Germany the media partner BILD received more than 125.000 votes in the first week of voting alone! Next to the above countries which release the “KING OF POP” in the next 2 weeks, Michael Jackson fans in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand & Turkey can also actively vote for their favorite Michael Jackson songs soon and will be able to get a local version of their “KING OF POP” in the next few weeks. Once again has Michael Jackson be a pioneer in letting his fans be part of this process, celebrating the biggest musical genius on this 50th birthday!



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