Why isn’t there a permanent Michael Jackson Channel on Sirius XM?

Many of the decisions made by the Estate are rooted in Michael’s philosophies. He has said that, “If Haley’s Comet passed over once a month, no one would to look at it.” The Estate doesn’t want Michael to be permanently on a car radio or on an app where people are jumping from Elvis to Bruce Springsteen. Michael is special. The Estate has licensed SiriusXM three times in the last 11 years and, when appropriate, would consider doing so again. Most recently, a temporary channel was launched on July 15, 2020 as a way of offering something special during these difficult times and great care was taken in programming the channel to include not only Michael’s big hits but other songs that would be appreciated by his fans as well as songs by people who might have influenced Michael, and people who Michael might have influenced. Working with SiriusXM, special playlists were also created for the channel by people who knew Michael, as well as by artists who were influenced by him (and are big fans as well). And rather than a typical voiceover artist, the voice of the channel is also someone who knew Michael for many years, Steven Ivory, who shared a very special playlist on the channel that speaks to the current times in the world. While it may not have been available to everyone around the globe, it is hoped that those who were able to listen, enjoyed it.