Why doesn’t the Michael Jackson Estate do all of the things that other estates do?

As you know, Michael has topped the list of highest earning celebrities and/or the list of highest earnings celebrity estates every year since he passed away. Recently there has been some fan speculation and comparison with the Prince Estate in particular. We know there are some fans who are fans of both Prince and Michael, and that’s understandable. Prince was a genius in his own right. He was an incredible artist. But nobody can compare Prince with Michael and nobody can compare the Prince Estate with the Michael Jackson Estate. A little-known fact is that in 2019 the Michael Jackson catalog enjoyed 7.3 billion streams, an increase of over 20% from the prior year’s 5.4 billion streams which was already outpacing the market and made Michael the #1 catalog streaming artist in the world. Michael’s many fans – both long and loyal, and brand new – deserve all the credit for supporting and continuing to listen to Michael Jackson. And we at the Estate want to take this opportunity to acknowledge, salute and thank you, the Michael Jackson fan community, for your continuing unconditional love and support for Michael as a person, an artist and a humanitarian.