Thriller (zombie Michael Jackson) Cosplay
March 20, 2023
Thriller (zombie Michael Jackson) Cosplay
Posted By: SheWolf.ArtGr
On: March 20, 2023

Sfx make up/cosplay I, SheWolf.ArtGr , did as a special for Thriller40, it’s not a drawing, but it’s another form of art and my way of paying tribute to Michael Jackson. I very much admire Michael’s short films, the planning and effort put into them as well as the attention to details, with wonderful effects and sfx make up used to create unique characters within each film. I’ve always been fascinated by the “behind the scenes” videos I’ve watched. This make up took around 6 hours from start to finish. Hopefully I’ll be improving it even more with time, besides, I too, am a perfectionist -SheWolf

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