the legacy of Michael Jackson
September 12, 2022
the legacy of Michael Jackson
Posted By: Stefano Disca
On: September 12, 2022

a tv with one of Michael’s most famous performances, a black Fedora, sunglasses and an unmistakable shiny glove are scattered in the utter chaos of a humble home, the same chaos that michael has brought to the world of music, an obsession for everyone . The scene represents what still happens in the homes of all his fans..there are those who imitate him by disguising themselves as him, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs, there are those who look to exhaustion at his most famous performances, there are those who even leaves a permanent mark .. in short, after a decade of his death Michael is alive in the homes of all of us, with his music with its iconicity, this is the message I want to send with my Digital fanart., This Is the very Legacy of Michael Jackson ,for us. (With love from ITALY)

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