MY MJ SHIRT 04 (HEAL THE WORLD): personalized
June 16, 2010
MY MJ SHIRT 04 (HEAL THE WORLD): personalized
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On: June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010 (Wed)

Went to SM Megamall (10-minute walk from our bldg) while on lunch break (and its so hot outside), had my white shirt printed with the HEAL THE WORLD logo (waited for it for about 15-20 minutes?) & had no time to eat so I decided to just buy my food & eat it at the office. Came back 10 past 2pm & ate for about another 10 minutes.. hahaha..

crazy & stupid of me.. i was already 5 minutes away from our building when i realized i forgot my phone at the office. The HEAL THE WORLD logo is saved on my phone. So I had to go back & it’s really hot. Then I just took a cab going to the mall. I walked on my way back. whew! 

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