~ June 25th 2011 – my card at Forest Lawn ~
July 1, 2011
~ June 25th 2011 – my card at Forest Lawn ~
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On: July 1, 2011

~*✰*~ Forever ~*✰*~

Golden Angel on Heavenly wings
Soaring graceful into pristine sky
My loving heart is thine forever
My sweet desire will never die

I deeply wish to fly with thee
Endless…far beyond my dreams
Beyond all times and galaxies
Mysterious places in glistening beams

Golden Angel flown right homewards
God has set thy tender Spirit free
Immortal in His divine glory
Thy precious Soul will always be

Humble I bow my head in silence
To the Most High King in my prayers is thy name
I will honour thee Michael in my heart forever
Everlasting is thy love, a sacred flame

Forever ♥ SweetWings 

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