A few More MJ Goodies.
June 16, 2010
A few More MJ Goodies.
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On: June 16, 2010

Ok, I truly thought I was way beyond the collecting stage at my age, but when Michael died, I felt the need to start since I wanted reminders all around me. I started with the beautiful magazines and Memorials books put out after his death, then began reading his own written books and that of Aphrodite’s and a few others researching things and learning as I read. I watched and still do, every youtube I could find, every tour, every good documentary they put out. I listened daily to his music walked with it, exercised to it, bought every one I could find…I anxiously awaited for “This Is It” with a passion I can’t even explain. I went to it three times and even that wasn’t enough! I cried during his funeral and memorial service, listened to more garbage and some good tributes they put out on TV. I watched the brothers on their brief show and wished it would continue just so I could feel a part of their family… somehow feeling closer to Michael if that makes sense..
A whole year has almost gone bye and yet I feel like our angel is still watching over us, his loyal fans. I pray that some day his children will know how much he meant to all of us and that those who hate him and believe the trash written that basically crucified him on earth, will be sorry and realize the truth. I have collected everything I can get my hands on…all because I feel so much compassion and love for him that I can’t even explain it. I ask myself why and only come up with one answer..Because he was a genius that was misunderstood, who loved everyone and gave entirely of himself to his talent so that others would know how much he cared. I love him because he is now our angel…and we bow to him for all he’s done.
RIP, dear Michael..I love you. 

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