BEAT IT in Bikini Bottom
August 21, 2023
BEAT IT in Bikini Bottom
Posted By: Kenan
On: August 21, 2023

Something different, but let me explain: Since I’m a comic-illustrator, I wanted to share this piece, which I also posted on IG (The Instagram-name of my Brand as an artist is ” kenart_drawings”) – this is my Favorite-Character with the inspired style of my favorite-Artist, MICHAEL JACKSON, it should show the smoothness of MJ mixed with Spongebobs coolness! The idea came up when I saw a similar Picture online.. I’m a highly-creative Person, who loves to Mix elements of different things into one piece and reinvent things- hope you like it – and I would love to see the official MJ-Instagram-page acknowledging it on their Page or in a quick Story, since this is my biggest dream to get noticed by the Page of the King of Pop!

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