~*✰*~ STAR ~*✰*~
August 31, 2011
~*✰*~ STAR ~*✰*~
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On: August 31, 2011

~ My card and poem at Forest Lawn in honour of Michael’s life and his 53rd birthday ~
♥I LOVE and MISS you so much Angel Michael! ♥

~*✰*~ STAR ~*✰*~

Happy Birthday sweet Angel of L.O.V.E. !
God bless this joyful day you were born
We all love and miss you so deeply
And still we remain in our mourn

Almost 51 years you’ve graced this world
With your beauty, your music, your mythical dance
Swirling and spinning in dazzling tornado’s
The fans gazed in awe, admiring in trance

Beautiful Michael in bright stunning gold
He became his music… his heart was on fire
Graceful as a panther he danced his dreams
Embraced by the crowd in loving desire

The drums were beating and the spotlight was his
Sparkling in crystals he sang Billie Jean
By the magic of his moonwalk he enchanted the world
Most amazingly STAR on this earth ever seen…

You Are Not Alone, Heal The World, I’ll Be There
Thriller-thunderbolt and lightening in electrifying skies
You wanted to live forever and ever…
Lonely Stranger In Moscow, in silence he cries…

You are now with the Angels in Paradise
But your STAR on this earth will endlessly shine
Most dearly beloved King of Neverland
My loving heart is forever thine

Forever LOVE, SweetWings ♥ 

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