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Smooth Criminal

January 01, 1988
"Smooth Criminal" music video featuring Michael Jackson, dancing in a 30's night club. Michael performs the anti-gravity lean. (C) 2003 Optimum Productions

Songwriter: Michael Jackson
Album: Bad
Director: Colin Chilvers
Production Dates: 1987
Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California

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Number One Favorite Smiling)

MJ is most amazing person ever and my favorite song from MJ "man in the mirror"

No one can preform as good as MJ even Circe de sole can't perfect his style & great moves that he could do. He was a excelent entertainer and a most wonderful person who cared about people and tried to help as many as he could. I only wish I could have met him or at least been able to see a live performance. I miss him very much!!! I pray for his children and his family. Let's pray for them all. MJ would want to pray and do our part to help those in out. God bless you Micheal! God bless us all!!

the song wont play.......!

Michael Jackson so Great Artist and Human! I have no words to express my delight this man, better just enjoy this clip.))

MJ is SOO great in this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a smooth criminal, b/c he still my <3