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Michel Jackson's This Is It Podcast Part 1

Some behind the scenes information on Michael Jackson's This Is it featuring those involved with film and concerts and clips of Michael Jackson's songs and demos.

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This is totally surreal..............Truly to know this man is to LOVE him unconditionally. Love his heart, love his soul, and love his spirit....alive or otherwise. Michael is LOVE in the flesh, and OH how beautiful that love is!!!! It is all over his music and his talent. His music gets inside of you to the very core, and makes you feel as if you could explode from LOVE. The in the way he moves, his looks, and the way he sounds makes you intoxicated. Sheer perfection!

And when you feel as if you can't take any more, he gives it to you again!! Watching and listening to this beautiful man is like waves of ecstasy. How could we not stand up and take note of his message to the world, that we have to have love and compassion for mankind. Not for just the people who act and think and talk like we do. But to each and every man, woman, and child in their own individuality.

Passing the love around is what his message and purpose is all about. Getting up every day and asking yourself, what can I DO today to make someone else’s world a little better? and going in search of that quest We could conquer the evil and hatred and darkness in the world if we would look and listen and do. He knows the evil that lurks and disguises itself among us, and he fought hard to warn us, but you have to pay attention. LOVE conquers all.

How could anyone who has heard just one conversation from this man not know he has a message that cannot be ignored? He will get inside your heart and take your breath away. He exudes pure passion in all he does. I am saddened by the fact that Michael never had lasting companionship of a woman that would stand beside him and love him with all her might, the way he so deserved, and to love everything about him.

No matter where he is, he needs to know these are my deepest feelings. To know him is to LOVE him and everything about him. Michael is one after Gods own heart. Just like David, he sings and dances mightily for God. Can't we just let Michael know that we will stand beside him and love him the way he loved us and our children selflessly. If it were not for the priceless sacrifices he made in his life, we would not have been so blessed in life by the love he brought to us.

Let's share that love and "Make the World a better place"

michael i know you were alive and you were hiding some place, because as you said where ever you go you got house.... michael i know you have to do this for you to be able to leave peacefully and to win the fame daddy.... hehehehe as you said in your song entitled "MORPHINE"at the last part you said to win the fame daddy it's all the same daddy you're such a liar... hehehe but we , your fans understood it, don't worry as you said ,"you got to excape in this system but there no need to hide"...

m.j i knew you were the best i hate everyone who will win more than what you've got specially taylor swift...i support whatever decisions you'll make..



I do miss you Michael, miss your presence badly. I can't stop listen to your music everyday .....I love you always... with all my heart.
I really hope you could enjoy the bliss of success here with us, you absolutely deserve of all the awards and praises. You are my true Angel, Hero and King. I love you soooooooooooooooo much.
Congrats for the TII movie is being succeed and the winning of the AMA music awards. Michael, you have to know you are the Best Ever. All your beloved fans and friends are praying for you. Your music will never fade away. Thank you God, thank you had Michael with us, may you always bless the Jackson family..