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Episode 28 - Shout Out to MJ - Part 2

The Thrillercast participants give a shout out to MIchael (Part 2).

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Michael Jackson I wish You would fly to the US I would like to meet u so bad I look at your Picture at night before i fall asleep and wishing one day out of the blue I would See u. I'm your Biggest fan.
Michael I hope you get this if you do send me email at the address Kellyhonse@yahoo.com.
I would Like a Picture of you and sign it. Send it through the mail at 4849 Pleasant Unity Rd. Apt .1
Latrobe, Pa 15650. It would make me the happiest person in the world if I gotten a picture of u.
Michael Joesph Jackson Your are the greatest entertainer who lived, Iove your Music and everything
Michael Jackson I'm so proud of u for doing everything your doing and say hi to jermaine, jackie, Tito,Marlon, Randy The jackson 5 I love that music. Matter of Fact every song you and brothers ever made the best.

Forever and Always: Your Biggest fan
Sincerely Kelly Marie Honse

Michael since i was a child I play your all the time day and night but I'm 23 yrs.old I still love your Music and I can dance just like you One day I want to be a singer just like you Keep on doing what your doing Keep it Michael your the Greatest Singer who ever lived.

Hi Michael this is your Biggest fan I love the video Keep on singing and making videos I want my Kids in the future to see why I Love u Michael Joesph Jackson.

Hi Mike! I don't know if you'll get this one or the other one that states why I'm a fan. I just know that I care about you alot and I always will regardless of everything. I just wish you the best of everything with the tour and the "new" album. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it will be a great success. If I had the money I'd be there in London giving you all the love and support I can give. I will do all I can to save up money and buy your "new" album when it comes out in stores. Hang in there, just remember you're the best; you've done and accomplished so much. I'm so proud of you.

Forever and Always,

Yolanda L Lewis

this is so cool!! i love it. THIS IS IT!!