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Episode 02 - will.i.am

will.i.am talks about growing up with MJ, the vast talents of the man and eventually recording with him.

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Hi, I am Christian Iturra, I have 12 years, I'm from Chile, so my English is not good.
Well wanted to say that you are a very good singer, I like your music (and michael), the best of you could do a song with Michael before the occurrence of misfortune.
Is dismissed, Cristian Iturra Bureau.


Michael Jackson

HI, I just want ot say that will.i.am said all of that from his heart, not from ths sheet of paper. No one force him to say it out with all his feelings, but it came straight from his mind and thoughts, and heart.

So cool that a member of the Black Eyed Peas knew Michael Jackson personally. thats just awesome. Congrats!

Michael.... He's a genius!!!

Thank you for your words,

Do you play a instrument b/c I went to a show at a king center with 2 guys that play the voilin and the ones guy's name was Will so are you Akon's brother if not sorry for bothing you thanks write back as soon as possible .

Dear Will - Thanks for the beautiful words. Michael left a lasting impact on music, his fans, and the world. We will never see someone like that again.

Take care,