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October 1, 2009
Posted by MinaDiana

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I agree with this message. If we call the angels, he will listen.

The saying really fits Michael. These are beautiful pictures if Mike. He had the most beautiful smile. It's really a shame that's it's gone.

dis is nice photos of mj smiling and very nice words and i don't even know if they were made to be sweet and funny or to be true in da bible like

What a GREAT picture and the words just fit Michael perfect !!

I really love the saying on this pic and Michael looks great.

when i see michael smile, it makes my heart soar Laughing out loud

Michael has a great smile

Smiling ANGEL

**Pls fix it as soon as possible....want to see other pics also... Pls...Pls...Pls!!!**

this photo is the best one because you can see his beautiful smile.

Love this picture, but why can't we see any others????????????