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powerful eyes

March 4, 2009
Posted by Laure

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Miss you so bad, Michael, I wanna see you, I love you! (Kissessssssss)

Beautiful....Smiling Eye-wink

los mejores ojos del mundo te amo michael jackson!!!

ILoveMichaelJackson♥ i totally agree with you =)

Amazingggggggg...... Smiling

100% perfect picter leaves me spechless

michael jackson i love you more than life it self,i could get so lost in your eyes,they are so beatiful,just like you inside and out.i just i could be with you and hold you in my arms,and tell you how much you mean to me.i know if you so saw this message,you tell me you love me more,you will allways be forever in my heart,we are forever in each other hearts,even thow its threw your spirit,that in my heart,and soul.

His Eyes Just Freeze Me
I Get Lost In His Eyes
His Lips Are Just So Perfect...
I Cant Describe How I Feel Looking At Him In This Picture

Look at those eyes........so beautiful.......so powerful. His eyes say everything that can't be said with words alone. How can someone be so vonerable and yet so powerful at the same time. His eyes are simply amazing and they tell us things that Michael himself would not say or speak of. You can see it in almost every picture. What he's thinking or how he's feeing just by the look in his eyes. You truly do have Powerful Eyes Michael.

I am scared to land