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My dream come true

March 6, 2009
Posted by gessicap

MAY 2000, Monte-Carlo

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You had luck.. :'(

he's beautiful, you're so lucky! if only..

I love the way you are holding on to him...I would have done the same thing!!!! GOOD JOB!!!

soooo cute!

Rest in Peace.
Michael forever be alive in my heart ♥

I love this picture Smiling So sweet the way you cuddle up to him Sticking out tongue

You look so happy! :--)
God, I'm jealous!

I know how you feel to thats how i felt when I met him at his 45th brithday party through the Make A wish Foundation.....I miss him sooo much

isnt he just beautiful? And such a brilliant shot! His eyes! they make me melt!

I was there, and my dream came true too after waiting for so long. It feels so good to talk to Michael Laughing out loud I am happy you had a camera Smiling