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My angel

September 30, 2009
Posted by silvia281074

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This picture is so .... i have not words ...
Forever love you.

those eyes hipnotize you!

look at those eyes.

Sos lo mas hermoso de este mundo Michael. Mi corazon no deja de latir por vos, mi mente siempre tiene un espacio para vos. Te amo Michael, hoy y siempre. Como desearia que estuvieras aquì, rodeado solo de tus seres queridos, de aquellos a quienes tu ames, solamente de aquellos que sean capaces de brindarte ese mismo amor incondicional que tu supiste brindar desde antes de nacer, y apartado de todo mal, siempre. Soñar con la oportunidad de verte, de abrazarte y de decirte que te amo! Aunque si supiera que estas bien, creo que me reconfortaria, creo. Lo que no me reconforta es saber que no estas mas aquì, fisicamente entre nosotros. Como te extraño, dios mio! No hay dia que no piense ni haya dejado de pensar en vos. Este amor que siento es demasiado puro e intenso, y es mas fuerte que yo. Vos, Michael, te lo mereces, esto y mucho mas. Aunque no te escriba en tu idioma, se que me entiendes. El amor no tiene idiomas, no es cierto Michael? Vos expresaste amor en tantos idiomas y en tanta gente, y todos lo entendimos. Te extraño tanto! Que estes bien, mi amor!

You are an angel and now that you are in heaven you can rest in peace, King of Pop!

I love him! Laughing out loud

er HOW PERFECT IS HIS FACE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the most beautiful man that there ever was, and still is. i wont go into that.
i rly shouldnt love him this much because all my boyfriends or husband will never be like him... Sad

he is sooooooooo sexy i love u my sweet angel rest in peace

u can tell by looking in his eyes that he is innocent. he looks so heartbroken Sad we luv u mj forever and we know that u are an angel and u always have been

OH GOD dun knw wat 2do or wat 2say but since i was akid i always felt something each time i saw u and i kept growin up tell i knw that its love...true love...i`ve always felt u and i knw that u `ve been always alone and scard and i always have this feelin 2 hold u in my arms and wisper in ur ears that am here 4 u and i`ll always be there just 4u baby....when i saw r innocceent eyes i felt like as if u need me...need me 2 comfort u and loveing u.......but its nw 2 late cuz u gone...and am all alone pray every single night and askin GOD 2let u knw how much i love u. every day i talk to astar askin her to take care of u telli come and tell u how much i love u...michael i dont love u cuz ur the king of pop or afan of ur music,ilove u 4 being u THE REAL MICHAEL and 4being the king of my heart...noone in the world can ever love u like me or the way that i love u....oh michael i`ll give the world 2mack u mine...i`llgive nything just 2spend a moment with u areal moment with u baby.....oh GOD ican`t belive u gone ca`t belive i havn`t told u ilove you my angel.icant let u go..ijust cant u`ll always be there with me every single secound un my thoughts in my moves in my words in my eyes in my sole..i`ll never let u part u`ll always in my heart...always and 4ever just u and me michael.... just u and me my angel ....there is no words that i can say 2 let u knw how i feel just look in my eyes michael and you will know it all....i `ve always felt u and i knw u`ve been through alot i knw that and i praied 2be with u and 2 protect u from anything or any one ur my every thing michael..ohGOD cant belive u gone 2 soon but u`ll always be there 4u and with u i knw that the world is not the place 4 innoccennt peaple like there is no one like u..and i knw ur in better place r8 nw setting there and smile 2 knew that there is someone love u more than any one conld be loved by some one and this one is me....i knw that we should meet each other and we will michael ......tell we meet..."LOVE U MY OWN ANGEL"...NOOR