MJ fashion 2 plus Phoenix logo-7angel art

January 14, 2008
Posted by 7angel

MJ fashion 2 plus Phoenix logo-7angel art

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is it me or does he really look like a woman in this?

I love so much this drawing, It´s so cool, so good, so perfect, so beautiful, so awesome!

Ya ben resimden anlamıyorum,(Onlarca portre çizmiş biri olaraka!?)ya da bu resim çok kötü!

Sizi kınıyorum!Bu nasıl resim ya!

thank you
MJCool write me (I send you my e0mail adreass by PM

this is totaly it. would you be able to design a poster like this or a banner,with the followin words written on for me? i would be very grateful. the words are: COMETOGETHER:The Michael Jackson Extravaganza..


MJcool x

can I keep it? <3 lol

WOW I LOVE IT!!! You are a real artist!!! Great.