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Michael says the sky is the limit

June 6, 2009
Posted by grazy jackson

So I can Dream , it is my dream

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i think this is a disrespectfull pic.HATE IT!!! and MJ has waaaaaaaaay better taste then that.not to mention how ugly u made this pic look adding ur bare/nude self in it u should be ashamed. u keep dreamin!u should keep stuff like that to urself, in ur dreams and not post them online. ur sick.

That is so not funny it's mean.

i Aqree!!!! Thatsz Really Diszreszpectfull!!!

I personaly think its a little disrespectful....

This is not a real picture of them together if you look she has added herself to a picture of him that's why she looks kind or greyish in the picture.

I bet this is every MJ female fan dreamt/dreams of this.

I know I do!

Hey nice one, thats presley´s kiss, lol

good pic i would give anything just to touch him lol and im sure im not the only one he is the greatest

I like that pic! There are a lot of women in love with Michael...