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Michael & Me

March 6, 2009
Posted by Krazy4MJJ

Michael & I, the day after the Munich show in 1999

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What did you do with Michael that his hair got so tangled?!?
I love this picture!
I'm sure you hugged Him!

haha-i love his messy hair!

LYKY! ! ! !


really?? so cool! I was there in munich,too!!! was this after he played with the fans catching balloons?He was wearing his pyjamas before.=)Where are you from? How was this possible to meet him?Do you had a poster or something he liked????Or just connections to teddy lakis or somebody?

Michael where standing up before this shooting? ROFL Jawdropping!
His hair is so dishevelled..., haha!! But you look so cute!

your so lucky you got to meet him. LOL his eyes are hypnotising

omg..he´s so cuteee....nice pic!! i wish i was youu Laughing out loud

what cd is that that you are holding?

That is amazing!