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Michael in London 2009

June 13, 2009
Posted by MJJMoa

Yeah I know ya ain't see me but I took the photo...lol .
I was behind of the camera.

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I hope you know how lucky you are....Shocked

I see Mr Jackson in Milan in concert ..and i see so nearly under Hotel SAVOIA (Milan) togheter other fans....

god bless yOU mR JACKSON!

Thats my biggest dream ever!!
Hey everyone pray for me so i meet him!

wanna see more of these!!! people cherish meeting him forever and he luvs it thanks!!!!!

im so jealous i would love to meet michael although i think i would faint lol

at least u took the photooo u luckkyy sun of a gunnn Smiling

btw thats not rude^^^ lmao its just a slang we say in australia

Jealous!!! I wanna meet Michael too! He is sooooo cute!!! and he seems really nice too!