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Michael and Me - what a Thrill

March 17, 2009
Posted by nazirmo

Was I so lucky to have had this opportunity to wear the original thriller jacket that Michael let me wear prior to a concert. How can I ever forget it ? That is once in a lifetime opportunity. And was I thrilled. Thanks a million Michael for making it possible. I will always love you. And good luck with your london concerts. I hope you also add concerts in Canada and the U.S so that I can see you again.

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COOOOOOOOOOL! Laughing out loud I would do anything to be in your place there!
And the jacket like really suits u Smiling
Sad that you'll never see Mike again though ;( I mean, be happy u've got this memory though, I've never
had the chance to see Mike in person Sad

how wonderful of him to let you wear his stuff.
he must of been realy sweet when you met him.
what would I give to do that!
love you michael!!!
with everthing that's in me!!!!!

WOWW IM SO JEALOUS!! Thats awesome... he looks great in this pic too. Lol, theres a hole in his shirt Eye-wink Wow lucky you.

i never met him . . . *crys* :'(

Save that picture. You're very lucky. I bet he was great when you met him.

WOW..You are Blessed!!!!!!!!

He even let you wear the "GLOVE"...so amazing...he was always a sweet soul.

You caption is sad now that I read it...I too wished he could have done his London Tour...but it wasnt to be Sad

Thank you for sharing this picture with us! What a GREAT shot!

Lucky boy ...you are so sweet ..Bravo !

OMG u r sooooo lucky was he nice? well duh ofcourse hes nice hes the cutest guy EVER!!!! lol