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It´s a Super Soaker...

August 12, 2009
Posted by mima_jj

.. Oh I love this movies

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The best thing in the world ,Michael Jacksons Private Home Movies ,,,,,,,,,,omg he is sooooooooo (infinity) cute!!!!!! any one know where to get this on dvd ? i cant find it any where only in the 32disc collection

hee's soo funny

I heard that you got three super sokers marry marry christmas michael

I love how he says "Now I know how to wake Elizabeth Tomorrow!" hahaha!

oh snap! michaels packing! XD

My fav pics are of him being silly like this. thanks for posting ^^

Hahahaha.... That´s so funny!!

Yeah you have got to watch them, he gets 3 super soakers!

I watched all the home movies he made they are really awsome n funny