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Islamic Prayer Beads

September 23, 2009
Posted by Hend Refai

Michael was wearing an Islamic Prayer Beads around his neck day before his death
they found another one in his death bed
that proves that Micheal died a Muslim Man

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it's bulls**** what's written under the picture. It doesn't show that at all.
If it does I should be an Indian 'cause I'm having a "dream catcher" hanging by my bed and I want my future kid to have one too.

I don't believe Michael was a Muslim, he didn't say it himself, so it's just a rumor. I think he took whatever good he found in every Religion and made his own out of it.

this is it!!! y did that have to be it? Sad u had long life ahead of u, Sad you have changed my life and i will luv u 4ever!!! Smiling

En materia religiosa el mantenia una busqueda permanente, evidentemente asumia elementos de varias religiones, cual lo es hoy dia muy comun.

  Si bien es cierto que poseia Cuentas de Oración Islamica, tambien es cierto que festejaba la navidad cristiana, y al mes de junio, las puertas de su residencia en Los Ángeles mantenian la decoración navideña.

En su espiritud creativo e Innovador, jamás se sometio un ningun lineamiento En absoluto, ¿por que hacerlo en materia religiosa?