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September 28, 2009
Posted by aleja

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awwwww he so adorable in this picture i love to see him smile even thow he was and adult he was a child at heart!

AAwww He's so beautiful. Gorgeous

Aw this is soo cute! I like how hes sitting in the front row and the only adult who is actually enjoying the ride! Smiling I love you Michael You are soo adorable!

He is really happy in this photo!

dont he look like a littke adorabale boy....he deserve the best in the world...GOD drive ur love 2 me michael.......tell we meet my my king....."LOVE U MY OWN ANGEL"......NOOR

He just wanna have FUN
look at that glow in his face that smille show how much fun he was having.

The cutest! How sweet to see him enjoying this so much.

Michael enjoying life.. so wonderful

yes the happier he is in a pic the better