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how so adorable

July 21, 2009
Posted by franinfl

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This picture reminds me of how humble he was to voices that were often ignored. Children and animals. He had a beautiful philosophy to helping those in need who didn't have much of a voice. Wherever he is, bless him.

Just look at him (MJ) so gentle so loving. God I miss him so. Loving him more each day.

this sooooooo cute.

I wish I was that baby on his arms.

wow...... speechless right now... u cant just not love this man!! u can see and feel how loving and caring he was to children.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love this pic. I wish i got to meet him

A beautiful picture... look at the way he is holding the baby... so delicate and loving! No wonder Paris said during his memorial that he is the best daddy anyone has ever known...
God bless his children and his soul...
Thanks for this one Smiling

Michael was always ment to be a daddy :')

you can just see the joy and pride glowing from his face Laughing out loud i hope in his life he had alot of moments like that, ones we never got to see Laughing out loud God bless Michael x

true happiness for him Smiling