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September 12, 2009
Posted by mjforever98

I am sooo glad I found this! I was looking for this for TWO months straight!!!
Hey! It was worth it!
Look at him he is hott and he's MJ!

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Que que isso hein!!!!!!
Eu vou morreÊeeeeeeÊ!!!
Lindo demais!

I love you!

He inspired me to sing when I was 5 "Man in the mirror"... when I was 14 I had some serious health problems. But every time I was crying, I had Michael in my mind... now that I'm fine I write songs and I follow my dream... But I still believe that he is the one who gave me a reason to live... A reason to keep fighting... Thank you Michael, you're always in my heart. I miss you a lot... I love you more.....

Omg I Freaking LOVE This Pic!!!!! Smiling
He Lookz Da Bomb In High Topz And Skinny Jeanz!!! Smiling
Go MJ LoL Work It Baby!!!! Smiling

i love this photo. Its kinda funny seein mj in jeans and hightops instead of short pants and the black shoes. but he looks great either way


omgeeee^-^ <3333333 i just wanna hugg himm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((::: he's ssoo adorableee here:D I lovee you Michael:DD


He is Gorgeous!!!!