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The Front Cover

March 4, 2009
Posted by Fanonymous

"BAD" Tour, Japan 1987. Front cover of the souvenir "thank you" book.

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this picture is from victory tour

Yes, the hat does look too big, but still nice. I guess he had to wear them slighly bigger after his Pepsi fire accident. His doctor said his head took a long time to heal and he had scalp expanders on so his head was always in pain for years. It hurt to wear a hat, but he had no choice. I do believe this is where the idea to wear a hat came into his style, to cover his burn while it healed.
Later of course he got weaves and wigs later down the line.
He also lost hair from Lupis.

the hat looks to big on him. but his shirt is awesome

Bad Tour, Japan 1987? I don't think so. Victory Tour 1984 would be the good comment.