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Donna Greens MJ Mobile!

February 22, 2008
Posted by DonnaGreen

Donna Greens MJ Mobile!

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Aw! This is a wonderful car Laughing out loud

waauw, this must be my favorite car ever!

la voglio

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! respect Smiling it just love it so cool..your car looks amazing. I have sticker on my car tooo just like that and the number plate toooo,. oh it made me so happy to see something so similiar that I have...Go michael we fans are so proud of you. WE are keeping up the spirit so high.

michael was a great friend of mine and he didnt have to go he know how much i loved him and he loved me back the same way and was my life like i was his and we were sooo dang close

wow! you're really proud to be a MJ fan!!!!!! (like me Sticking out tongue) Sticking out tongue :P:P Smiling)

That car looks great!!!!
Well done you!!!!!

Lol that's gr8

I'm so proud to be an MJ fan!