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June 9, 2009

Yeah Michael is one moore time with his curly hair

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MICHAEL realmente esta incrivel,porem ele sempre foi inclivel, magnifico,sexy e muito gostoso.............!AGORA esta ´´garotinha´´ao lado dele pode ser qualqr uma, michael sempre foi muito gentil,galanteador e muito sedutor, esta garota pode ser uma parente ,amiga ,qualqr coisa sem importancia.CARAMBA !,ME DISCULPE PELO PALAVRIADO POREM E DE PIRAR EU ACHO Q SOU MUITO SIUMENTA.ACHO Q NAO TENHO MAIS NADA A DECLARAR,SIM ELA PODE SER UMA GAROTA DE SORTE EM ESTAR ASSIM COM ELE,POREM ELE SEMPRE FOI MUITO SEDUTOR E GENTIL QUEM SABE ELE SO ESTAVA LHE FAZENDO UMA GENTILEZA ,SENDO AMIGO, SO , E NADA MAIS, A ESTA ´´GAROTINHA´´.!



Iddonn'ttt knoww abput anyy of youu laddiesss!!!!!! BUTTT I'm gettinn REALLLYLYY JELOUUSEE!!! Mikkieeeeeee!!♥ (Just realised there is a prettie chick in this photo and Mikes Really happy to be holding Her Hand!!!) IMMMMMM STEP Bsck From MY MAANNN!! Smiling))♥

His SEXXXXYYY Currrliiee Yummmiee Hairr is AWLAYYSS HERE!!!!!!!!! Smiling))))♥ OOOHHHH He Sooooo Gourgouse & Succhh a cuttieepieess!!!! x)))))♥

I can not dream for Michael.He is so perfect.

this is a really lovely pic of mj he looks really cool wow he looks so sweet he is defo my idol oh yeh aaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Love that look and love that man!!!! MJ you just don't know what you did to and for us!!! You still and will always ROCK OUR WORLD!!! yeah, who is the lucky girl?????

Wait! When was this from? He looks REALLY Good!! Like, not how he looked when he made he press announcement for the tour. Or even from the This Is It rehearsals. His nose & chin look different here. More like Dangerous days.

LOVE the return of the long, dark curly hair!! Smiling

And WHO is this chick all leaning into him holding his hand? :\