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Big warm hug from Michael

July 28, 2009
Posted by mady_mjj

This photo is taken from the video that was made for the Virgin Mega store album signing. When I hugged Michael I thought I was drowning in his arms and his most amazing cologne he was wearing had spread all over my hair, my face and my clothes.
I heard nothing, i saw nothing. It was just me and Michael at that moment. Really the most amazing memory.

I love you Michael <3

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UMM.. I saw that video. Where "you" showed him ur belly button. How do we know this is actually you? ... Exactly.. we don't. This could be a snapshot from the video. The graphic even looks like it came from a video.

you are lucky Beby!!!!!
( I love him more than you and I've never meet him.. Sad
Because I had just 9 has this (period)
I really have no chance, s***!!!
I love you dearly Michael; R.I.P.


Que felicidade abraçar Michael Jackson! Sempre sonhei em fazer isso...

These are the moments you never forget. Very lucky woman!

YES! I truly feel so blessed to have met him a couple of times.
I am trying to upload another photo with me and Michael after the Apollo theater show.

And to those who have said this isn't me! I have written that I took this picture from the video of myself.
So yes you are right, It's taken from youtube, but it is definitely me.

The belly button girl. lol. I've had some unpleasant comments about my belly button and a short top. But hey, i was 21 and it was a style back then Smiling Don't blame me for trying to look sexy for Michael Eye-wink

BTW: If you guys are on Twitter, please find me so we can tweet together. I go by: Madina80

see you there...

I am very envious of. You're a lucky girl

Yes, his smell is unforgettable........ BAV.... may be...

I remember you! You were the girl that amazed Michael with your belly button ring, right? Haha. How very lucky of you! I wish I knew the name of the cologne...