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Beautiful, Sexy !

February 7, 2009

Beautiful, Sexy !

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i love you mj your too sexy u make me melt


Versace (the designer) made the gold-and-silver outfit for MJ Smiling

lol all of you guys took what i was gonna say! Laughing out loud ..... those gold pants are wonderful on that beautiful man ! i love you Michael !

Thank you god for making Michael (and to Joe and Katherine of course), and a thank you to whoever designed those gold pants.. what a stunner!

Oh my God! I can't take it! Aow!

So sexy. I love the golden pants. amazing. Thanks God for Michael and for the golden pants.

Aha looks like somethings trying to rip out of there

ese pantalon dorado me vuelve loca!!!!!!!
sexy sexy sexy!!!!!!

OMG not the gold member/number again hit the showers girls or what ever your flavour. Brings a smile to my day.

cool really suits him.Smiling